Garage Door Opener Replacement Mira Loma CA

How to replace a garage door opener?

Garage door openers have really changed the way we interact with our garage doors. The convenience of pushing a button to get your garage open might be overlooked but it’s all due to your garage door opener. There are a number of garage door openers that can be installed on your garage door.

The different openers

Chain Driven Garage Door Openers

There are a number of different garage door openers but the most common and cheapest solution available is the chain driven garage door openers. Because they are chain driven, the garage door opener is considered the loudest option but the durable chain and metal moving parts will definitely last a good long while. The chain makes it loud but dependable.

Screw Drive Garage Door Openers

Screw driven garage door openers function a little differently than the garage door opener. Given that it uses a screw motion to move the garage door. It’s very practical and not as loud as the chain driven garage door opener but it’s definitely not the quietest option. Very dependable and easy to maintain as opposed to chain and belt driven models.

Belt Driven Garage Door Openers

Belt driven garage door openers are the quietest garage door openers available on the market. They are slightly more expensive than the chain driven openers and more dependable than the screw driven garage door opener. The belt drive is also very easy to maintain, requiring only occasional lubrication making it very dependable.

Jackshaft Garage Door Openers

Jackshaft garage door openers are the newest on the market and as far as dependability goes. Nothing can beat a jackshaft opener. While it is a bit more costly to get a garage door opener that is driven by the jackshaft it pays off in the long run with longevity and silence. If money is no issue then the jackshaft opener is the definitely the option to go for.

Replacing the opener

Depending on what kind of opener you have installed the following could be different. This is just for chain driven garage door opener because of how common they are. You will need to unplug the garage door opener. The next step will require a ladder, but ensure that you take it off of the position where it is seated. This gets very complicated so we recommend you call a professional. Because you don’t want to damage yourself or your garage door! Following that install the new garage door opener by screwing the necessary pieces into place. Plug the sucker in and you should be good to go with your new garage door opener.