Garage Door StuckYou trust your garage door to open on a regular basis. It’s very easy to lose your cool when working with a stuck garage door. Our specialists at Custom Doors and Gate Mira Loma CA can help solve any issue. Here’s how you can get your garage door unstuck for security purposes.



The very first step is a common one figure out why your garage door is stuck. There are a number of reasons why your garage door can become stuck including the weather. For instance your garage door could become frozen stuck to the floor due to icy, cold weather. The solution for this would be running warm water on it but here in Mira Loma that’s not too much of an issue. Another possible instance could be your garage door being stuck due to a bent panel. Depending on the amount of damage done it might require a specialist which is when you can give us a call!


Checking the batteries on your remote for your garage door is a good place to start. Considering it would be the easiest fix just ensuring the remote is both programmed properly and has power supplied to it you should be good to go.


If there is nothing wrong with the remote your next step is to check your garage door opener. The first thing you’ll want to do is pull the chord that will stop the power to your garage door opener. It’s most commonly a red chord, after having done that attempt to open the garage door manually. If the door opens regularly then your opener is the culprit and you should check all the connections to the opener itself. Ensure the breaker isn’t thrown if it is just switch it back on.


After having checked all those and your garage door is still stuck the next step would be ensuring that the tracks are ok. If one of your tracks has a dent on it then that’s going to the the issue. In order to fix it get a wooden block or hammer and hit the dent until it is gone. lubricate it fix the rest.

In conclusion

Your garage door can get stuck for multiple reasons from the weather to the different parts on the garage door. Finding what part is malfunctioning is always the first priority. Make sure to give us a call if your garage door is still stuck! We have professional technicians standing by to help.


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